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What's Wrong with Sitting on the Toilet Too Long?

Posted on February 28, 2024

Sitting on the toilet for too long can wreak havoc on your lower body. But how can something so basic cause so many concerns? Let's dive in, together.

woman sitting on top of toilet

The Problem With Sitting on the Toilet Too Long

Extended toilet sitting compresses nerves in the perineum. (Located between a man's anus and scrotum or a woman's anus and vulva.) Immediately, that can lead to perineal numbness, or foot and leg tingling once you get up off the toilet.

But that's just a temporary concern; sitting too long on the toilet can lead to more lasting damage. Why is that the case? Staying in this position puts pressure on the rectum, especially since the hole in the toilet allows your rectum to drop below the height of the buttocks. Add in straining or constipation (common reasons for extending your toilet time) and you've got the perfect recipe for hemorrhoid formation.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are enlarged rectal veins. They form under pressure, like the kind that comes from sitting too long on the toilet. And that's because the combination of pressure and gravity lets blood collect in the veins in your rectum. That makes it harder for blood to flow naturally, causing bulging hemorrhoids to form. In turn, you may develop symptoms such as itching, discomfort or bleeding with bowel movements. And that should suggest that it's time to explore treatment options.

Internal Hemorrhoid Relief in Georgia

If sitting on the toilet too long has left you with symptoms of internal hemorrhoids, we're ready to provide relief! Click here to request an appointment at the Georgia Hemorrhoid Institute. When you come in, we'll review your minimally invasive treatment options!

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