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Do Hemorrhoids Hurt?
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Do Hemorrhoids Hurt? Here’s What to Know

Hemorrhoids can be a source of discomfort and pain, impacting the quality of life for many individuals. Understanding the different aspects of hemorrhoidal pain is crucial for effective management and seeking appropriate treatment. 

Georgia Hemorrhoid Institute strives to provide comprehensive information and solutions to address your hemorrhoid pain and concerns. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “how painful are hemorrhoids?” We are to provide you with the answers you need.

Continue reading to learn more about pain associated with hemorrhoids and how to manage internal or external discomfort effectively. 

Do Internal Hemorrhoids Hurt?

The short answer is “maybe.”

Internal hemorrhoids may not always cause noticeable pain, as they are located inside the rectum, where there are fewer pain-sensing nerves. However, they can still lead to discomfort and a feeling of fullness or pressure in the rectum, especially if they become enlarged or prolapsed. 

While internal hemorrhoids are often associated with bleeding during bowel movements, some individuals may experience pain or discomfort depending on the severity of the condition. 

If you suspect you have internal hemorrhoids and are experiencing pain, it's advisable to consult with our team in Georgia for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.

Do External Hemorrhoids Hurt?

Yes, external hemorrhoids can be painful.

Unlike internal hemorrhoids, which are located inside the rectum and may not always cause noticeable pain, external hemorrhoids develop under the skin around the anus. These external hemorrhoids can become swollen, itchy, and inflamed, causing discomfort and pain, especially during activities like sitting or bowel movements. 

The pain associated with external hemorrhoids is often described as a throbbing or sharp sensation.

If you suspect you have external hemorrhoids and are experiencing pain or discomfort, it's recommended to seek medical advice for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment options. 

Do Hemorrhoids Hurt When You Sit?

Yes, hemorrhoids can be particularly painful when sitting for extended periods. The pressure exerted on the affected area when sitting can exacerbate the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids, especially external hemorrhoids. This is because sitting places additional strain on the blood vessels in the anal and rectal area, contributing to increased pain and irritation.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort when sitting due to hemorrhoids, taking measures to alleviate the pressure on the affected area is advisable. 

This may include:

If the pain persists or becomes severe, you should visit a hemorrhoid specialist for treatment. 

Why Do Hemorrhoids Hurt?

Hemorrhoids can cause pain for several reasons, including: 

Understanding these factors helps tailor effective treatments, including lifestyle changes, medications, or medical interventions. 

What To Do When Hemorrhoids Hurt

To ease the discomfort of painful hemorrhoids, start by managing bowel movements—avoid straining and ensure a fiber-rich diet for softer stools. 

Use over-the-counter creams, cold compresses, or sitz baths to reduce inflammation. Stay active, take breaks from prolonged sitting, and consider using a cushion for relief. 

Hydrate well and maintain proper hygiene. 

Over-the-counter pain relievers may help; if pain persists, consult our team at Georgia Hemorrhoid Institute for personalized advice and hemorrhoid treatment, including minimally invasive hemorrhoid embolization. 

Get Treatment for Hemorrhoids in Georgia  

At the Georgia Hemorrhoid Institute in Atlanta, we specialize in providing effective, minimally invasive solutions for hemorrhoid pain, whether internal or external. 

Our dedicated care involves a thorough diagnosis and personalized treatment plans designed to address your specific hemorrhoid-related concerns. 

Prioritizing your comfort and relief, we employ advanced techniques such as hemorrhoid embolization– steering clear of invasive surgery. 

Say goodbye to discomfort and seek specialized care with our approach to hemorrhoid pain treatment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or explore our treatment options.

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