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Can Lifestyle Changes Help with Managing Hemorrhoids?

Posted on March 27, 2024

If you have painful hemorrhoid and want to naturally relieve your symptoms this read is for you. Of course, not every case of hemorrhoids can be managed at home. But, if your condition is less severe, you can try managing hemorrhoids with these four simple moves.

woman soaking in a warm bath for help with managing hemorrhoids

4 Keys to Managing Hemorrhoids At Home

Do you want to naturally relieve your pesky hemorrhoid symptoms? Try incorporating these simple lifestyle moves!

Get more fiber

Following a diet for hemorrhoids, with fiber at its center, can help soften your bowel movements. In turn, you're less likely to strain when you're in the bathroom. And that can relieve existing hemorrhoids while preventing new ones from forming.

Take a soak

If you want to relieve hemorrhoids, hop in the tub and take a warm soak! To add soothing properties, pour some Epsom salt into the water and stay put for a minimum of 15 minutes. And once you're out of the water? Use a patting, not a rubbing, motion, to completely dry the skin of your perineum.

Don't sit for too long

Whether you're sitting too long on the toilet, at your desk, or behind the wheel, spending lots of time on your butt can aggravate your hemorrhoids. So, to relieve existing hemorrhoids and avoid forming new swollen vessels in or around your anus, make sure to get up every hour or so instead of sitting too long at the party.

And workout more often

By exercising regularly, you will sit less. Also, you may relieve mild constipation, and lose some weight, which could also help relieve some of your hemorrhoid symptoms.

Managing Hemorrhoids with Medical Procedures

At home care for hemorrhoids can relieve symptoms for patients with mild conditions. However, if you have been diagnosed with stage 2 or 3 internal hemorrhoids, you will likely need medical support to treat your condition. Want hemorrhoid relief, but want to avoid invasive surgery? Click here to request an appointment with our hemorrhoid specialists in Georgia, to see if you're a candidate for hemorrhoid artery embolization!

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