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Deciding When to Seek Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Posted on February 15, 2024

Here at the Georgia Hemorrhoid Institute, we offer stage 2 and 3 internal hemorrhoid treatment with minimally invasive Hemorrhoid Artery Embolization (HAE). But how can you decide when to seek treatment for hemorrhoids? Why do hemorrhoids form in the first place? And what are your treatment options? This post will answer these questions and more!

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Understanding hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins. They can form inside the rectum or around the anal opening. Your grade of hemorrhoid will be based on the severity of your symptoms, from mild to severe. And those symptoms may include itching, bleeding pain and prolapsing veins, among others.

Why do I have hemorrhoids?

You may develop hemorrhoids if:

  • You have a diet low in fiber
  • You must strain to pass a bowel movement
  • You sit for long periods of the day, particularly when using the bathroom
  • You're pregnant or just had a baby
  • Obesity is a concern
  • You're lifting heavy objects

Once hemorrhoids form, you may find them inside the rectum) or under the skin surrounding the anus. While external hemorrhoids may be more painful, internal hemorrhoids can cause more concerning symptoms such as bleeding with bowel movements.

When to seek treatment for hemorrhoids

Mildly symptomatic hemorrhoids can be managed with simple lifestyle changes. Try drinking more water and eating more fiber to reduce straining. You may also find relief by taking an over-the-counter stool softeners or by applying hemorrhoid cream to external veins.

Sometimes, these methods will quickly resolve your problem. But if you're bleeding when you pass bowel movements, it's time to start considering when to seek treatment for hemorrhoids. And you should certainly seek medical intervention if symptoms persist or worsen, or if you've noticed a prolapsed hemorrhoid. (A bulge that comes out of the anus. Sometimes it can be manually returned into the rectum, but in more severe cases, it remains prolapsed, even with manual replacement.)

Finally, if your symptoms are disrupting your life or causing undue distress, Click here to request an appointment with our hemorrhoid experts in Georgia. When we see you at your appointment, we can help you decide when to seek treatment for hemorrhoids, and determine if you’re a good candidate for hemorrhoid artery embolization.

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